In April, 2010, when Andrew was 2 1/2, a tumor was discovered behind his eye. The tumor was removed, but it was found to be an aggressive cancer. He endured seven months of chemo and six weeks radiation. In December of 2010, the day after his last treatment, he was rushed to the ER with an almost fatal bacterial infection. He survived.

He is now seven-years-old!! I don't visit here much, because during the ordeal, this is where I dumped everything--my rage, my fear, my sadness, my ugly, my hope, my everything. But I want all of you who supported and prayed for us to hear his updates. You helped me survive, and I am deeply thankful. Every once in awhile, I will check in to let you know how he's doing. Please continue to pray that cancer will never return to his body. Thank you.

Friday, April 2, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering

My 6-year-old got this airplane for his birthday.
I was surprised that it was made out of styrofoam.
Really? A huge airplane made out of styrofoam?
and it is supposed to fly, and land more than once?

So we went to the park.

We put the whole thing together,
and before I could even take a picture,
One boy threw it, and broke off part of one wing.

But we kept playing.

Afterall, does an airplanes really need TWO wings?
or is that a bit excessive?

How about none?

Does it really need a nose? or do they just get in the way?

How about tail wings?  Just decorative?

Apparently an airplane needs ALL of its parts to fly well.
So, after about 10 minutes of nose-dives (minus the nose),
we were left with a pile of pieces.
So, NO. 
A styrofoam airplane does not fly and land more than once.
In case you were wondering.

 But we had 10 minutes of fun...that's something. Right?

(I'm not sure what setting my camera was on, but these are not my favorite pics...I tried to cover it up with black and white, but still not real happy.  Oh well. Next time...with my bright and shiny new camera!)


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  1. What a bummer! We've had many varieties of things that fly, but they usually end up the same way. I guess it's fun while it lasts.

  2. Oh you had me laughing!! I have TOTAL memories of days like this at the park with my Dad and my brother. The amount of airplanes and kites we demolished during my childhood...

    Welcome to Any Given Moment, Julie! I'm so happy to have you along :) I'm following along now with you too because another post like this one is too good to miss.

  3. Oh my word. That is AMAZING. Darn it that it broke so quickly. It is huge. It looks like it was tons of fun! I think my son would love something like that. I am going to be on the lookout!

  4. WEll that just stinks! We seem to do that with kites. If we haven't lost it in a tree, storing it at home usually does the poor thing in. But the fun while we're there is worth it, right?

  5. P.S. That second shot is awesome!!

  6. You didn't ask, I could have told you that! My son got a remote one a few years back and it too had some mishaps and no longer flew after a few minutes. At least you got some photos of him enjoying the moment.


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